About Us

In a therapeutic and medically-intensive setting, Spaulding Academy & Family Services serves children with a range of challenges including autism, neurological impairments, behavioral difficulties, emotional disturbances, and learning and developmental disabilities.


Spaulding Academy & Family Services is all about helping children learn, heal, and grow to reach their potential. Our children, youth and families are primarily from New Hampshire as well as other New England states.

Our highly-trained, experienced and compassionate professional staff shares a commitment to excellence in providing quality services to children and youth and to measuring and evaluating outcomes for continuous improvement. Highly-regarded consultants work with us regularly to supplement our staff’s expertise.

Our programs and services are designed to improve and enrich the lives of our students, and to help them attain permanency and make lifelong connections. Every day at Spaulding Academy & Family Services:

  • Children with autism are learning to communicate.
  • Children with neurological impairments are learning skills required for everyday life.
  • Children who have been abused or neglected are receiving the support and resources they need to thrive.
  • Adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders are learning to express their feelings, develop social relationships and succeed in school.
  • Children of all abilities are learning and playing in a happy, inclusive caring naturalized environment.
  • Children are learning to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful.
  • Children are learning to exercise and eat healthy food.
  • Parents, guardians and foster families are receiving critical in-home supports for children with special needs.
  • Families are receiving the support, resources and information they need to care for their children with special needs.

We measure our success by our children’s success in academic growth, in returning to families and communities or transitioning to the least restrictive living environment that will accommodate their needs. We celebrate our children’s talents and resiliency every day.

Click here to download the Spaulding Academy & Family Services Fact Sheet for an overview of our organization and facility.

Our HistoryLearn More

Spaulding Academy & Family Services, founded in 1958 with the merger of the Daniel Webster Home (1871) and Golden Rule Farm (1914), is one of the oldest child care facilities of its kind in the country – over 150 years and counting.

Credentials & LicensureLearn More

Spaulding Academy & Family Services is proud to maintain credentials and licenses through the Department of New Hampshire. We strive to provide industry-leading expertise for those in our care.

LeadershipLearn More

Spaulding Academy & Family Services is led by a CEO & President and Executive Management Team, and is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. Together, these individuals serve as prudent stewards of our legacy.

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We love campus visitors! Contact us to arrange for a visit to our scenic campus located in Northfield, NH. Directions and parking instructions are conveniently detailed herein.

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The Spaulding Academy & Family Services campus is always bustling with activities. Each day, we strive to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students to develop independence and lifelong skills. Browse the photo albums below for a glimpse of daily campus life.

VideosLearn More

Although pictures are worth a thousand words, sometimes a video provides the living, breathing human aspect that just cannot be captured by stills. Below are our latest videos to let our students, staff and partners speak for themselves.

Campus MapLearn More

Spaulding Academy & Family Services is located on over 500 scenic and rural acres in Northfield, New Hampshire. The campus offers a safe, supportive and natural living environment for the children and youth we serve.

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We recognize that members of the press or media require immediate information for deadlines. For your convenience, this section provides everything you need to know as an introduction to Spaulding Academy & Family Services.