Spaulding Youth Center offers year-round, comprehensive special educational services for students with emotional and behavioral disorders in grades K-8 and students with neurobehavioral disorders from kindergarten to age 21.
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Current Openings

Spaulding Youth Center is always interested in adding highly-qualified, compassionate team players to our campus. Check out our latest openings to see if your skill set would be a good fit!
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Clinical Services

While on campus, Spaulding Youth Center students benefit from expert staff in the areas of Special Education, Psychology, Behavior Health, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nursing.
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Spaulding Youth Center is a licensed Child-Placing Agency providing high-quality services to children, youth, and families. For over 10 years, we have provided Individual Service Option (ISO) Foster Care and In-Home Services as well as Child Health Support.
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In the heart of the Experiential Challenges Outdoors (EChO) program is the belief that every student should have the opportunity for the kind of growth that comes from real adventure.
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Health & Wellness

A critical component for any child is health and wellness, including food and nutrition. Our campus offers dedicated departments to care for these basic human needs on behalf of our students.
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Spaulding Youth Center’s Residential Program focuses on normalized living and fostering the fundamental philosophies of a family unit. As part of our ‘one community’ philosophy, we promote interaction and collaboration between residences.
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The Spaulding Experience



Be in the know! Although our campus is always busy with great events and activities, we try to take the time to get the word out about all the happenings. Check out our latest and greatest achievements, news and releases!
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Student Stories

Each child who arrives at Spaulding Youth Center is unique and their journey to individual success can have very different paths. The first steps toward success are often the most difficult. Our goal is to provide a clear path toward a brighter future.
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Spaulding Youth Center is proud to host many events and happenings on campus for our students and children. Between holiday celebrations, spirit day festivities, success ceremonies and special events, campus life is definitely lively.
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Although pictures are worth a thousand words, sometimes a video provides the living, breathing human aspect that just cannot be captured by stills. Below are our latest videos to let our students, staff and partners speak for themselves.
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Spaulding Family


Meadow Hartwell

Her Home Away From Home

After working as an overnight supervisor at an assisted living facility for the elderly, Meadow Hartwell knew she needed a change. She applied to work as a Residential Counselor in Spaulding Youth Center’s Young House in 2008. After her time observing the students there, she knew it was a perfect fit.
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Campus Location

Spaulding in Action

Experiencing Childhood

Spaulding Youth Center’s nearly 500-acre campus provides an intensive, therapeutic environment to deliver our exemplary educational and residential programs. Through the flagship program Experiential Challenges Outdoors (EChO), we embrace the natural features of our campus and provide the true essence of childhood with real outdoor adventures.
Visit www.spauldingyouthcenter.org/give/ to donate to our Experiencing childhood initiative.
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DOE Approved as Special Education and Non Public School

CLLU Approved to Provide Child Care and Residential Care

DCYF Licensed to Provide Foster Care Services

CLLU Approved as Child-Placing Agency

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