An Overview of the Proposed Zone 5

Representatives from Spaulding Youth Center have been presenting before the Northfield Planning Board requesting permission from the Town of Northfield to rezone a parcel of land owned by Spaulding into a new Northfield zoning district identified as Zone 5.

As part of our due diligence, we have conducted extensive research on the local impact to the Town’s sewer, traffic, and conservation land.

This due diligence information has been provided to the Planning Board as the data and research reports are made available to Spaulding from the consulting engineers.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions along with aerial photos of the proposed site and preliminary findings from the various studies conducted. We will continue to update this page with new information with final reports and findings as they are completed.

We welcome your feedback and questions you may have, please email us at Innovation@SpauldingYouthCenter.org


Frequently Asked Questions

About Zone 5

  • Northfield currently has four land use zone types to include: residential zones (R1 and R2),
    commercial, institutional and conservation. Zone 5 is a new proposed land use zone. If Zone
    5 is adopted, land within this zone could be permitted for educational, medical or municipaltype
    buildings, a nursing home, research and development, a residential homecare facility, or a continuing
    care retirement community. Future use would be limited to these kinds and types of establishments and
    NOT commercial in nature, such as retail chains, but the Northfield Planning Board still needs to define the
    permitted uses. Since the Zoning Board has not officially named this zone, it is currently known as Zone 5.
  • The new zone will require a ballot vote by Northfield Residents on March 13, 2018 for approval to establish it.
  • As part of the process leading up to this vote, the Northfield Planning Board will be creating a Zone 5
    tax zoning district.

What is Spaulding Youth Center’s interest in Zone 5?

  • Of the 491 acres that Spaulding Youth Center owns, 100 acres is earmarked for campus use, 170 is
    reserved for conservation land, and approximately 200 acres is what Spaulding would like to rezone to
    Zone 5. Spaulding acquired 21 acres through a recent real estate purchase and this land is already zoned
    commercial. That land is earmarked for an access road.

What is Spaulding Youth Center asking of the Northfield Planning Board?

  • For almost 150 years Spaulding has run private, non-profit residential education for children with special needs. Through its Board and Senior Leadership Team, Spaulding is researching additional revenue streams to offset increasing costs. With the establishment of Zone 5, Spaulding would be able to explore real estate development options.

How would Northfield Resident benefit if the Spaulding land was rezoned?

  • Spaulding Youth Center is in its due diligence phase. The Senior Leadership Team in partnership with the Board of Directors are looking at all possibilities and opportunities for additional revenue streams. Spaulding has the opportunity to explore additional social benefits to not only Northfield Residents and surrounding communities but all of New Hampshire.

Would there be an increased annual real estate tax revenue to the Town of Northfield?

  • If the Northfield Planning Board and the Northfield Residents vote in favor of Zone 5, Spaulding will be taxed under the commercial property tax guidelines for the acres rezoned.
  • Spaulding commissioned Applied Economic Research (AER) in Laconia, NH to evaluate the development opportunity. The AER report concludes that at full maturity (i.e. a 12-year buildout period) the Spaulding development could generate up to $3.4m to $4.2m of new annual real estate tax revenue to the Town of Northfield, but only if Zone 5 is approved.
  • There will also be an increase in employment in the town and access to important services.
  • Spaulding will continue to be one of the top 5 real estate taxpayers in the Town of Northfield and one
    of the Top 20 Employers.

Is there a project already under development? We heard a Medical Office Building is going up.

  • No. Spaulding Youth Center is FIRST doing its due diligence by evaluating, researching and discussing opportunities and options of what could be done with the land if Zone 5 is approved. The first step is led by the Northfield Planning Board to define the new Zone 5 and permitted uses in preparation for a public vote.
  • What comprises Due Diligence? Spaulding is working with a number of parties, ranging from water and sewer, traffic study engineers, NH Department of Environmental Services, Army Corps of Engineers and many other town and state officials to determine what it would take to build the property infrastructure needed to support a medical or educational park on the acreage designated for such a possibility.

Is a portion of the land Spaulding wants to rezone actually conservation land with wetlands?

  • Yes, 170 acres of the 491 acres would remain conservation land. Spaulding is working with a team of conservationists, the Town of Northfield and the State of New Hampshire to obtain proper permitting and nothing will be done without these approvals.

Has Spaulding recently purchased additional land?

  • Yes, Spaulding has purchased the land and home from the Riley family. The land will be utilized to improve the safety of the Shaker Road / NH RT 140 access roads to the proposed Zone 5 site.

For More Information about Zone 5 visit the Town of Northfield’s website at: www.northfieldnh.org.

If you have questions or would like to offer your feedback, please email us at Innovation@SpauldingYouthCenter.org

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Version 1 as of 9.21.17 Disclaimer: The information provided in this document will be updated.


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