Spaulding Youth Center is led by a CEO & President and Executive Management Team, and is guided by a volunteer Board of  Directors. Together, these individuals serve as prudent stewards of our legacy.



Spaulding Youth Center is a professionally managed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our leadership team and volunteer board share an unwavering commitment to ensure that Spaulding Youth Center fulfills its mission to help children and youth with neurological, emotional, behavioral, learning or developmental challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, learn the academic and life skills needed to be successful in their homes, schools and communities.

Board Members

Spaulding Youth Center Board Members (Not shown: Robert N. Snelling)

The Spaulding Youth Center Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the human services, corporate, investment, and philanthropic sectors of our state.

Spaulding Youth Center Board of Directors
Michael F. Ventura, Chair, Penacook
Michael D. Bourbeau
Patrick J. Clark, Tilton
Hali B. Dearborn, Belmont
Suzanne H. Gottling, Sunapee
Terrance W. Humphrey, Franklin
Ronald L. Magoon, Loudon
Stephen McCarty, Newburyport, MA
Scott D. McGuffin, Esq., Northfield
Pamela F. Seed, Vice Chair, Gilford
Robert N. Snelling, Holderness
Walter A. Strauch, Sanbornton
Peter C. White, Norwich, VT


Spaulding Youth Center operates with the enthusiastic and passionate dedication of our leadership team. Each member brings a depth and breadth of specialized experience for their respective department.

Susan C. Ryan
CEO and President
603-286-8901 x105

Darnelle Bjorck
Darnelle Bjorck, PHR
Human Resources Director
603-286-8901 x125

Roger Bolduc
Support Services Director
603-286-8901 x114

Amanda G. Champagne, MS
Director of Residential Services
603-286-8901 x215

Todd Emmons
Todd C. Emmons, M.B.A
Chief Financial Officer
603-286-8901 x106

Dennis B. Galimberti
Facilities and Grounds Manager
603-286-8901 x169

Arthur Greenwood
Food Services Manager
603-286-8901 x150

Robin Raycraft
Robin Raycraft
Director of Clinical & Compliance
603-286-8901 x402

Pat Seaward-Salvati
Pat Seaward-Salvati, MS
Admissions Director
603-286-8901 x202

Colleen Sliva
Colleen Sliva, MSEd
School Principal and Special Education Director
603-286-8901 x305