Making Friends

Dan Gilbert's class gives thumbs up to new CEO/President Jim Clements and he returns the favor.


Spaulding Youth Center helps children learn, heal, and grow to reach their full potential.

Programs and services are designed to help students attain permanency and make lifelong connections.

Success is measured by students' academic growth, their return to families and communities or transition to the least restrictive living environment that will accommodate their needs.


Learning from Students

A student teaches Melissa Blanock, Director of Program Quality Assurance, how to fold a bandana during a bandanarama activity - making bandanas to wear in the Experiential Challenges Outdoors (EChO) program.


In their own words


Spaulding Youth Center is a leading provider of educational, residential, therapeutic and foster care programs and services for children and youth with autism, neurological, and/or behavioral challenges and their families -- helping children and youth achieve their full potential.